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Most outdoor fire pits rely on either wood or gas to get fires going on cold nights. There are drawbacks to using both of these options. Wood fires can be very messy and time-consuming to make, while fires produced by gas fire pits aren’t always that effective when it comes to creating heat. SteeLog Artistic Metals can help you solve this problem by setting you up with steel logs for outdoor fire pits that provide you with the radiant heat of a wood fire and the wonderful ambiance of a gas fire pit without the hassle that comes along with those two options.


At SteeLog Artistic Metals, we’re the original creators of steel logs for outdoor fire pits. We started selling them more than 20 years ago, and since that time, we’ve worked hard to turn our steel logs into artistic sculptures that are the ideal combination of fine art and functionality. Today, we offer a wide range of steel logs for outdoor fire pits, including logs from our Campfire Series and our Alpine Series. Our steel logs look great and perform well when placed into outdoor fire pits outside of your home or business.


What Makes Our Steel Logs So Special?

The steel logs for outdoor fire pits from SteeLog Artistic Metals have turned into the industry standard over the last two decades—and it’s not hard to see why. We have a team of artisans who spend hours developing and creating steel logs from scratch with a painstaking attention to detail. It allows us to provide our customers with 100 percent handcrafted works of art.


There are other things that set our steel logs apart, too. We strive to make our steel logs special by:


• Using heavy steel tubing to individually sculpt steel logs to look as lifelike as they can possibly be

• Creating realistic decorations for outdoor fire pits, including bark, branches, pine needles, pine cones, leaves, and more

• Taking requests so we can transform steel logs into custom creations that fit the needs of our individual customers


By taking these steps during the artistic metal sculpting process, SteeLog Artistic Metal is able to create steel logs for truly unique outdoor fire pits.


Perfect for Outdoor Fire Pits at Ski Lodges, Hotels, Restaurants, and More

Over the years, there are several establishments that we have provided steel logs for outdoor fire pits. Our products have been used by high-profile ski lodges, hotels, and restaurants across the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas. When you come across one at a ski resort in Vail, Breckenridge, Squaw Valley, or Keystone, you’ll recognize the quality we put into our products right away and appreciate the time that goes into them.


Order Steel Logs for Outdoor Fire Pits Today

While our steel logs for outdoor fire pits have earned a place in many resort villages, you can order them and put them almost anywhere! Whether you want to add our products to the outside of our home or set them up outside your business, you’ll find our steel logs will turn into the center of attention during both the day and night. When you go with products from SteeLog Artistic Metals, we promise you’ll get nothing but the best!


For more information on our steel logs for outdoor fire pits, call SteeLog Artistic Metals at 970-524-5700 or email us at We would love to discuss the possibility of creating a SteeLog Artistic Metals masterpiece for you.

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