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About Us


Old Style Craftsmanship


SteeLog is the original creator of the steel log fire pit. We have been designing and testing SteeLog fire pits for many years to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible steel log gas fire pit. Our artistic metal work has also been used to decorate customers indoor and outdoor space. There is nothing typical about our fire pits, we create them for style and functionality. Each one is individually hand made for you from scratch by those who developed the technique of turning steel into wood since 1998.



Welder Crafting Steel Logs
SteeLog Artistic Metals Owner

The Studio




Our studio is located in the Vail Valley of central Colorado. Here in our shop we use a combination of old world forging and hammering as well as techniques developed in-house to create inimitable sculptures that are both beautiful and functional.

Your fire pit is being sculpted by our team of artisans whose care and freeform style turn ordinary stock steel into 100% hand-crafted works of art. Each fire pit is a collaboration between SteeLog’s owner, master craftsman, and second generation artist, Richard DeLia, and a support crew of skilled craftsmen. Together we take each order and mold it to fit your desires.

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