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Burning Steel Fire Pit

ALPINE SERIES - Starting Price $1,750.00

The Alpine Series is our “logs only” option, designed to meet the popular demand for a steel log set that works with an off-the-shelf gas burner, such as an HPC. Whether you’re looking for a fire pit medium that radiates more heat, or you just admire our unique artisan work but don’t want to re-design your entire patio, the SteeLog Alpine Series is for you.

With the same intricate log texture as our Campfire Series, this is the perfect way to dress up your existing gas fire pit by simply setting our steel logs on it. Turn your fire pit into something beautifully artistic and at the same time enjoy the radiant warmth from the steel logs like you would from a wood fire.

Standard Alpine Log Set

We have models designed to fit anything from a small table fire to a large built-in masonry fire pit. We offer a standard detail option or an upgraded detail option as well. Standard Alpines are less expensive and are designed to let the fire flow around the logs. They come standard as just logs. Decorative Branch sets in Oak and Pine are also available as an upgrade.  

Upgraded Alpine Log Set

Our upgraded detail option comes with all the artistic wood details as the Campfire series, which includes our spiral cut endcaps, Fire cracks in the wood, and 3D Wood grain patterns, where the log set is designed to let the fire come up and through the log set. 


Wood Grain and Optional Decorations.

Alpine Series steel log sets are available with Pine wood grain with an option for decorative branch sets. Each branch set includes two branches with pine boughs and pine cones.


We realize that all burners are not the same and everyone has different tastes, so we give you options for our decorative branches. Branches sets come in pairs with the option to be permanently fixed to your fire by our artisans, or loose, so you can arrange them wherever you’d like.

For most Alpine Series log sets we recommend just one set of branches to provide an aesthetic balance to your sculpture. Though, as with everything at SteeLog, we are happy to accommodate your preferences. You want no branches? No problem! You want 2 sets of loose branches, so you can use a couple to decorate the fire pit, and a couple to decorate your mantel? You got it!

Steel Logs for Fire Pit
27 upgraged Alpine 5

Shape and Size

The SteeLog Alpine Series is designed to fit some of the most popular outdoor gas burners. All log sets are arranged in a circular fashion like our campfire series, though they’re designed with lower profile, solid logs to provide beauty and functionality when dropped on a variety of after-market burners.

Use the reference chart below to match your existing burner size and BTU capacity to our recommended Alpine Series log set:

Apline Chart

 Be sure to browse our Photo Gallery to see some unique installations and visit our other pages to check out our Campfire Series and Custom Designs.


Skim through our FAQ page for quick answers, but don’t hesitate to Contact Us for specifics. You’ll be connected with one of our knowledgeable and friendly artisans who will gladly help with all aspects of your design.

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