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Sculptural Fire without the mess

Our individually-sculptured log sets are fueled by clean burning natural gas or propane and crafted from heavy-duty 1/4" steel tubing. As a result, there are no sparks, ashes, smoke or soot. There is no chopping of firewood, struggling to light the fire, or messy cleanup. All you have to do is simply turn on the gas and ignite - it couldn't be easier!

All of our fire pits are designed for outdoor use all year long and due to the heavy-duty craftsmanship, they are highly durable. A SteeLog fire pit should last you decades with minimal maintenance. The best maintenance for SteeLog fires is to burn it, so use your fire pit often and enjoy years of trouble free entertainment.

SteeLog fire pits can be placed on any landscaping surface a safe distance from anything flammable. We recommend hiring a licensed professional to assist with the gas line installation.

Browse the various steel log sets we can make for you:

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