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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy a SteeLog fire pit?

Contact us to see if we have a dealer near you. If not, we can sell to you directly.

If I buy through a dealer, do I get the same level of customization?

Of course! Whether you purchase your SteeLog directly from us, or through a dealer, you will have the same exact options. Either way, you are welcome to be as involved in the design as you choose.

What is the usual lead time for your products so I can plan ahead?

Depending on factors like the size, level of customization, the number of orders ahead of yours, etc., it will likely be a 1 to 3 weeks from the time of you order to the time we ship it out the door.

I have a different idea than you show in any of your pictures; can you still accommodate my custom project?

Yes! We have done a number of custom projects over the last 15+ years and are confident we can help with yours.


What are the ship options?

We ship worldwide. We’ve shipped them as close as the next town and as far away as Australia.


How much does a SteeLog fire pit cost?

Due to the custom nature of our art, it is difficult to include pricing for all variations on our website, so please give us a call to discuss your project and pricing. Our prices are competitive, but our quality craftsmanship can’t be beat.


How long do the steel logs last before they wear out?

Many years. We have log sets out there that are 15 years old and still burning happily.



Can the fire pits be fueled by either propane or natural gas?

Yes, either propane or natural gas will work fine! Just let us know when you order so we can include the proper burner orifice and gas valve (if necessary).

How much gas does a typical SteeLog consume?

It depends on the series and size of your fire. See our charts for recommendations on the Campfire and Alpine pages.


What maintenance should I perform to keep my fire pit in good shape?

The best maintenance for our fire pits is to burn them.

Do I need to cover the log set when not in use?

A cover is not necessary. Again, the best maintenance is to just burn them. If you choose to use a cover, be sure the

logs have cooled down and turn off the gas supply to the fire pit before covering.

Do I have to use a controlled ignition system?

It depends. Be sure to check all applicable codes in your area before deciding to use a match-lit system in lieu of electronic controls.

What control system should I use?

For the Campfire Series, use our control package. The Alpine Series, logs only option, can sit on any burner with any control setup.



Who can install the log sets?

We recommend the Campfire Series should be installed by a licensed gas professional in accordance with all applicable codes. The Alpine Series is a log only option that just sits on top of your existing burner.

Can I put a SteeLog fire pit on my wood deck?

The steel gets very hot, so treat a SteeLog fire as you would a wood burning fire. SteeLog’s are designed for outdoor use only. Consult with a professional to ensure safe installation.


What size gas line do I need?

Consult your licensed gas professional to determine proper line size needed to deliver our recommended gas volume (see charts for Campfire and Alpine here). The connection on our Campfire Series burner is 3/4 inch.


Will the Alpine series fit on my current burner?

The Alpine series was designed to fit a variety of off-the shelf burners. See our sizing chart here.


Can I put a SteeLog inside my house?

Our fires are not rated for indoor use. They are designed for outdoor use only.


Where can I put the control box?

Our control system is designed to be installed within 5ft of the log set. Typically, users find a way to hide the control box within the hearth wall. Feel free to contact us for ideas.

Does your control include a timer for automatic shut off?

No, our control system does not include a timer or switch. The power to our control needs to come from a switch and/or timer of your choice, which needs to be installed by your electrical contractor.

What else should I consider for my installation?

Drainage and ventilation.


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