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Wood Styles

Detailed to Suit Your Environment

Our sculpted outdoor fire pits simulate a variety of wood grains to match your region, environment, and taste. We create realistic bark, end grain, branches, pine needles, pine cones, leaves and acorns via our unique metal sculpting process.




Our Pine log set is our flagship product and the one that put us on the map. From its unrivaled detail of bark, pine boughs, cones and needles to the signature SteeLog end grain work, this is a piece of art that will be the center of attention anywhere it resides.

Available for both our Campfire and Alpine Series.





Our Oak log set represents hundreds of hours of process development and artistic expertise to achieve the realistic bark, end grain and natural details. From the individually-crafted oak leaves and branches to each small acorn, our artisans put their heart and soul into your finished piece. You'll see the painstaking attention to detail in every one of our one-of-a-kind metal sculptures.

Available for both our Campfire and Alpine Series.




Custom Grain or Decoration

As artisans, we are always open to new ideas for your design. In the past, we’ve been asked to make some lovely logs resembling other wood grain such as aspen and mesquite. We’ve also happily included personalized details like a couple’s initials “carved” in the bark, log ends customized with a company’s logo, and even a hidden golden shamrock for an Irish pub. If there’s anything we can do to add an extra touch of customization or personalization for your SteeLog fire pit, please ask. We’re more than happy to accommodate!

Available only for our Campfire Series.

Steel Fire Pit Logs
30 Campfire with oak branches.jpg


Be sure to browse our Photo Gallery to see some unique installations and visit our other pages to check out our Campfire Series and Alpine Series.


Skim through our FAQ page for quick answers, but don’t hesitate to Contact Us for specifics. You’ll be connected with one of our knowledgeable and friendly artisans who will gladly help with all aspects of your design.

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